Sun Bear Solar was named after the small endangered Sun Bears that are indigenous to the island of Borneo.  It is Sun Bear Solar’s goal to promote environmental stewardship to a fragile environment.  Our solar glass products are used in Solar Energy products that provide up to 25 Years of Carbon Free electricity generation!

Raw materials that are used make way for the reforestation and agricultural use of previously barren lands.  Working with our partners we expect to return over 4,500 hectares of unproductive land to use over the next 20 years.

Rainwater is collected from roof tops to be used in production to reduce unnecessary erosion Solar Panels are used wherever feasible to provide energy to power electric vehicles used throughout the manufacturing facility.

About Us

Sun Bear Solar is a newly formed global company in the solar energy industry, focused on developing new products and projects for the international energy market. SBS is presently negotiating with key technical partners and vendors on building facilities that will meet its production requirements. These discussions are subject to non-disclosure agreements and while the SBS Management would like to provide all the necessary information to people who may be interested in the Company's activities, we are limited by the terms of those agreements until public announcements can be made based on mutual consent. Please check back with us again for further information.

  • Increasing primary energy costs drive operational costs
  • Reduction of primary energy and CO2 is required due to ecological and economical reasons

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